New French Word Today- angine blanche

aka. strep throat, aka. what?!?, aka. seriously France can I just be normal please, hashtag SUCK, sidenote- not a twitter fan, my life takes more than 140 characters…

I mean seriously?!? I have my share of medical quirks, but normally big stuff, life altering stuff- not this piddly ass stuff. For that stuff I married someone with allergies. At least I don’t have THAT. So today I woke up, well last night really, but this morning I noticed these white dots on my tonsils. So I went online with coffee and juice in hand to research it. What I found was that it was just a really bad sore throat- hashtag never using that website again. Called my mom and my mother-in-law because it was getting pretty painful and they both have the same diagnosis- strep / angine blanche. So I called the doctor and found out that I can’t actually understand my doctor on the phone, but I needed a rendez vous fast.

Oh- did I mention that the glass of juice this morning also spilled onto my computer? Right. That also happened this morning. F.

So my computer spent the day like this….


Then my husband came home and started doing this….20131105-225931.jpg

Finishing like this….20131105-230001.jpg

Thank goodness he has magic powers!

Yet the best part of my day- talking to a group of MBA students about my business and how I got to be a small business owner is France! Made me feel fancy… and after a day like today I NEEDED that- hashtag ego boost!!

Tonights drink after all that….¬†Beer.