Top 10 Failures before Success

This whole facebook craze where everyone and their mom is posting “Top 10 Ways to blah blah”, “Top 7 Ways to blah blah something else”, and my personal favorites “Top 14 Ways you are more pathetic than others” or “Top 3 Ways to be less pathetic”.  It’s starting to drive me crazy, but I read it anyway…  The other day I read a couple of them about being a small business owner- Top things small business owners do before noon, top things mentally strong people do, top things that make people succeed in business, etc. I figured maybe it wouldn’t hurt, maybe I would get something out of it, maybe it would jumpstart something.  Boy was I wrong!  I went through a couple of them and the only thing I felt at the end was shitty.  I came to the conclusion that I do not do the right things before noon, I am not mentally strong, and I will never succeed as a small business owner (and my husband wonders why I have a bottle open before he gets home…).

But then I got to thinking a little more and there is just this one tiny little thing I forgot to factor in before my depression into a bottle…. I actually AM doing the right things before noon, I actually AM mentally strong, and I actually AM a small business owner.  What I struggle with is not feeling successful.  What I would like to know, is how many times to I have to feel like I have failed (not brought home a paycheck, not had a client all week, not even a contact)… How many of these kinds of failures must I go through before I start calling it success???  Before I start feeling the success of what I have done…

I haven’t blogged in a LONG time, like 3 months I think… why?  What do I have to blog about?  The truth is that these days I count the failures more than the successes.  Yes, this is my small pity party / rant on life at the moment… but I had to start back somewhere.  I would just really like a

“TOP 10 Ways Failures become Success”